Rachel and Peter at Revell

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a Deep Energy Retrofit, two-family renovation

Project Intro

We were looking for an "As Is" house to renovate, and wow, did we find one. It had been vacant for years, but most of the walls were straight, the basement was dry, and the floors were in good shape. The third floor was a mess, which gave us a blank-slate opportunity for some real fun... although all those sloping roofs were a bit of a crash course for Rachel, ensconced as she is in a modernist firm.

As we learned more about our new-home-to-be, we found many extra projects hidden among these walls. National Grid is also giving us a boost to go above and beyond with our energy goals, in their pilot Deep Energy Retrofit program. This takes a lot of rethinking of the way we build things, and it has been an enormous learning experience already.

Keep checking back here for progress photos, or email us to get a note when there's an update. Also, if you want to be on a list for announcements about work parties, let us know that too. Thanks for your interest in our big project!

Peter and Rachel

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or corrections, we want to hear them. Our contact info is below.

South side of the house late in the afternoon Kitchen before demo Attic living space before demo Attic living space with partial demo
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