Maple Street Architects

Our small, family-owned architecture firm focuses on serving our community with the efficiency and beauty of good design. We offer full architectural services, lightweight design consultation, and everything in between, tailored to the needs of your project.

We believe:

  • shelter should be liberating, not limiting
  • as brevity is the soul of wit, simplicity is the heart of design
  • architecture is for everyone: we want to work with you to realize your best ideas
  • teams win, so we work closely with engineers, builders and inspectors to build success
  • renovation is recycling to the max
  • thick walls are thrifty luxury
  • windows are for wind, light and framing the art of nature
  • materials should make you want to touch them; modern can be welcoming
  • we have all the energy we need, if we can just hold onto it: build efficiently and harvest the sun

We want to solve your challenges and build your dreams.

Call us at (413) 570-3213 or email at